• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

RISE Online Conference

RISE is co-hosted by the Canadian Association of Black Journalists (CABJ) and Canadian Journalists of Colour (CJOC). This conference is where journalists of color will gather to share their experiences and expertise with everyone. What’s more racialized journalists, and young journalists can receive advice on advancing their careers and developing skills to prepare for the future of journalism.
Canada prides itself as a cultural mosaic, but that’s far from the reality in Canadian newsrooms and media coverage. Journalists of colour still remain underrepresented in many respects, from appearances as columnists, throughout media organizations, and in leadership positions. 

RISE is an opportunity for journalists to share their stories and experiences as well as to discuss solutions to the systemic issues that exist in the industry. Furthermore, this is an opportunity to make a difference, and build on the progress made by CABJ and CJOC.
Many experienced racialized and indigenous journalists will join us to share their knowledge of advanced skills in investigative journalism, community-driven journalism, digital platforms, media business models and more. 

Rise is ann online conference, beginning Friday and running all day Saturday. The speakers are a fantastic group of journalists, freelancers, filmmakers, educators, and strategists, including Omar Mosleh from the Toronto Star, and freelance writer Jody Anderson.  RISE is doing important work as it’s a place of gathering to learn from and with racialized and Indigenous communicators. Everyone is welcome.