• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

MRU Gradu8 & Registration

Registration for all MRU students is available for Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 terms.

Be sure to pay the registration deposit (125$) as a deposit towards your total tuition costs for the term in order to have access to courses for EACH the Fall and Winter terms. Students can pay the deposit online on MyMRU.ca under the ‘Register & Pay’ tab.

When registering for your next academic year be sure to follow your course guide for your program found on mru.ca/commadvising if you are off track, unsure about future semesters, want to change your course load, or any other questions please feel free to book an academic advising appointment to discuss your options.

When registering for classes, be sure to check your active future registration against your official MRUGradu8 that acts as your live university transcript. You can find this tool on MyMRu.ca under the ‘My Program’ tab by clicking on the graduation cap icon. This should be acurate in log allging your completed, and registered courses, if you see a discrepancy please email commadvising@mtroyal.ca

For additional information about full year registration, registration tutorials, and the new My Schedule Builder tool check out some resources HERE on the registration wesite.